The quarterly “Weksylia” is an international vexillological magazine in format A4, containg 28 to 36 pages. There are articles in Polish and some other languages with English summaries, reproductions of historic flag plates or flagbooks, laws on flags, actualities, miscellaneous. Five issues of 2016 are available on CD (25 Euro). As an example we present […]

Polish Flags

From 2008 to 2012 we have publish three booklets on Polish flags (in Polish and English). In the first one on 78 pages are presented flags of the State, Armed Forces, Coast Guard, Vessels in State Service, Voivodships, and Districts (A-Ku). The second one has 80 pages with flags of Districts (Kw-Ż). The third one […]

Katalog Weksyliów Samorządowych

Since March 2000 the Institute is publishing „Katalog weksyliów samorządowych”. Each issue contains information on flags of some 60 to 80 voivodships, districts and municipalities of Poland. There are presented pictures of the flag, and in some cases also table flag and banner, date of introduction, texts of the legal documents, proportions, shades of colours, […]