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Instytut Heraldyczno-Weksylologiczny (Institute of Heraldry and Vexillology) was established by Alfred Znamierowski in September 1997 in Warsaw. Since 2007 it has been active in Górki Wielkie (in southern Poland) Since 2001 IHW has been a member of FIAV – International Federation of Vexillological Associations.

The main activities of the IHW are as follows:

  • Collecting and critical analysis of heraldic and vexillological data (laws, charts, pamflets, books, press articles, photographs etc.)
  • Designing of arms, flags, seals and insignia of Polish districts, towns, and municipalities. SEE ALL OF THEM
  • Publications of “Katalog Weksyliów Samorządowych”, “Polskie Flagi/Polish Flags, and quarterly “Weksylia”. See PUBLICATIONS.
  • Organisation in Cieszyn of European Conferences on Heraldry and Vexillology. See CONFERENCES.
  • Consultations on correct representations and proper usage of arms and flags, historic and current (national, subnational, naval, military, airforce, etc.)

IHW has an extensive library and archives, collected by Alfred Znamierowski since 1965. There are over 1 000 books and charts, over 25 000 pages of data and photographs, and over 2 000 original drawings made by Alfred Znamierowski, and published in his books.

Our projects adopted and in use

Alfred Znamierowski

Alfred Znamierowski is working on the field of vexillogy and heraldry for almost 60 years.

1960-1964 published dozens of notes and articles on flags in the Polish press,

1973 presented his first paper during the 5th International Congress of Vexillology in London,

1974-1999 collaborated with Whitney Smith’s Flag Research Center as the chief artist,

1975-1978 collaborated with Ottfried Neubecker doing hundreds of illustration for his books,

1978 founded in San Diego (CA) The Flag Design Center (FIAV member 1981-1997),

1995 published his first of more than 20 books on vexillology and heraldry,

1997 founded in Warsaw Instytut Heraldyczno-Weksylologiczny (FIAV member since 2001),

1999 published in London fundamental book The World Encyclopedia of Flags,

2000 became member of the Komisja Heraldyczna (Polish state Commission of Heraldry),

2001 recognized by FIAV as a Fellow of the Federation,

2003 received Vexillon,

2012 organized in Cieszyn the first of three biannual international conferences on heraldry and vexillology,

2017 became member of the Rada Numizmatyczna (numismatic council) at the National Bank.


Prezentacja Flagi Księstwa CIeszyńskiegoOpublikowany przez Cieszynlove na 31 marca 2017


Institute of Heraldry and Vexillology

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